A state-of-the-art skatepark is coming to Hoover.

Conveniently located at the Finley Center the skatepark will bring athletes, novice of all ages, leisure and competition skateboarding.

The skatepark will be the highest quality and will include restrooms, pavilions, sunshades, parking and American Disability Act compliance to create an inclusive environment. This skatepark will provide a safe and fun environment at a popular destination within the city. In addition it will compliment Hoover’s robust tourism by further welcoming visitors to the Met Complex. Our skatepark will provide a convenient location to keep children busy and unwind.

The skatepark will offer areas dedicated to both Olympic and street style skateboarding. Several organizations including the United Skateboarding Association and World Cup Skateboarding love cities like Hoover that provide recreational, hospitality, and sports facilities to host events.

More than a skatepark. A community.

Skateparks foster life skills and healthy lifestyles. Visitors have a safe place away from busy streets to practice their hobby or their profession. They are able to meet up and form new relationships. Skate parks promote positive experiences for youth as well as a destination for community special events.

Healthier lifestyles are a must have for youth. Skateboarding provides a fun way to stay or get in shape and burn calories. Obesity is a growing area of concern. Kids and parents will have a family environment for the entire family to get busy. Skateboarding utilizes most muscles of the body. A complete work out on a skateboard! It also helps with coordination and stress relief.

Skateboarding registers as an excellent workout. “Your glutes, hamstring and quads work with all that pushing off the ground; your abs and back help you balance; and you use the small muscles in your calves, the stabilizing muscles in your hips and the ones in the arches of your feet, which is great because these weaken and flatten out as you get older,” Michele Olson, Auburn University, Professor of Exercise Science.

Skateboarders have to be alert and focused in order to improve their skills and stay safe. Hoover’s skatepark will be a drug free zone and provide a fun environment for all ages and skill levels. Skate parks create relationships across different age groups. Older skaters mentor and help younger skaters with their skills. Skate parks are truly a melting pot of neighbors and create healthier, friendlier communities.

For more info or to ask questions please email info@skateparkal.com